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Here at the office of Dr. Charles C. Kleinberg, the number one dermatologist in Forest Hills, we help our patients through a number of skin conditions, cosmetic and otherwise. One condition that some patients are not always aware of is vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disease in which the loss of pigment in the skin results in blotches of lighter skin. Vitiligo can occur to varying extents and can present itself anywhere on the skin. It can even occur throughout your hair, inside your mouth, and your eyes. The color of your skin, hair and eyes depends on a substance called melanin. For people with vitiligo, the cells responsible for producing melanin die or stop functioning properly. While vitiligo can affect people of all skin colors and skin types, it is more noticeable on darker skin tones. Fortunately, vitiligo is not life-threatening, nor is it contagious, but the main problems associated with vitiligo are issues with self-esteem or self-consciousness.

11375 Skin Disease Care

11375 Skin Disease Care

There is no real cure for vitiligo, but our dermatologist in Forest Hills can provide you with treatments that improve the look of your skin and that can help you feel more comfortable with your symptoms. Some symptoms associated with vitiligo to be aware of include: skin discoloration, premature grey hairs, loss of color in the tissues on the inside of your mouth, change in color of the inner layer of your eyes, and discolored patches around the armpits, navel, or genitals. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with our dermatologist in Forest Hills so that Dr. Kleinberg can evaluate your symptoms and offer you treatment options.

If you are interested in learning more about your dermatological health and the related symptoms provided by our dermatologist in Forest Hills, we recommend you visit Dr. Kleinberg’s main informative website. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, or if you would like to book your next appointment with our dermatologist in Forest Hills, do not hesitate to contact our staff either by phone or online. We look forward to working with you here at Dr. Kleinberg’s office.

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