Dermatologist on the Upper West Side

Dermatologist on the Upper West Side

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What is Hyperhidrosis on the Upper West Side

Everyone sweats, and that is a fact of life. But when it becomes excessive, it is a disorder that can cause you to feel self-conscious and socially awkward. Thankfully, our dermatologist on the Upper West Side, Charles Kleinberg, can help. Always turn to us for the experience and the expert care that is necessary for dealing with skin issues.

Excessive sweating is clinically referred to as hyperhidrosis. This means, of course, underarm perspiration, but also on other areas of your body, including the palms and the soles of your feet. It may begin in adulthood, but it is not uncommon for it to start much earlier, in adolescence. Certainly, the social aspect of hyperhidrosis is prominent in the minds of those who have it. The condition may have links to neurological or endocrine system problems, as well as infection. But the causes are not always clear, and they are not nearly as important as getting effective treatment from our dermatologist on the Upper West Side. When you come in for an examination, a medical history will be taken, and you will work with our skin doctor to determine what may be triggering your hyperhidrosis. The solutions can range from those that are simple and that you can purchase at any store, to those that are prescribed specifically by our dermatologist on the Upper West Side. Beyond products, there are also procedures that can be used, especially in more severe or persistent cases. Advanced technology has brought about treatments with microwaves and lasers, but surgery is sometimes the only option, though only considered if all non-invasive options have been ruled out and/or been tried and proved insufficient.

Don’t let excessive sweating negatively impact your life. All you have to do is contact our office to set up an appointment to come in.

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