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As the most trusted and respected dermatologist in Forest Hills, Queens, Dr. Charles Kleinberg provides the highest level of medical treatment in a discrete and friendly environment. Whether treating acne, injecting the most advanced cosmetic fillers, performing laser vein surgery, or evaluating a serious skin problem, Dr. Kleinberg is widely acknowledged for his experience in the field of dermatology. When seeking skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, visit the best Forest Hills dermatologist, Dr. Kleinberg…experience matters.

It is an unfortunate truth that skin cancer is the most common in the United State and its rates are increasing every year. Patients with light skin who sunburn easily are at the highest risk for skin cancer. Other risk factors include: a family history of skin cancer, weakened immune system, use of indoor tanning devices and expose to cancer-causing compounds. To combat skin cancer, our Forest Hills dermatologists utilize a three-part strategy: surveillance, treatment, and prevention. Surveillance is the most basic step, but vital in catching the cancer early. Perform skin care examinations on yourself and if necessary, come see your Forest Hills dermatologist, Dr. Charles Kleinberg to take another look at your skin. The best time to examine your skin is immediately after a shower or bath. Begin by learning where your birthmarks, moles and blemishes are so that you won’t mistake them as cancerous. Check for anything new, like an abnormal looking mole or a sore that has not healed. There are a variety of treatment options for skin cancer, including prescription creams, destruction, and surgical removal. The last step is prevention. Prevent pre-cancerous growths from progressing with therapies and medications, but also protect yourself with proper sun protection strategies.

Skin cancer doesn’t have to be scary. You know the basics for protecting yourself, now be on the look out for signs of melanoma. If you’d prefer to have an annual check-up with a skilled and compassionate Forest Hills dermatologist like Dr. Kleinberg, please call our office to set up an appointment.

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