Freckle removal in Forest Hills

Freckle Removal in Forest Hills

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While some people love the look of their freckles, other people simply do not. Today, if patients are not happy with their freckles, they can come to our practice, Charles Kleinberg, MD, for freckle removal in Forest Hills.

At our dermatology practice, our expert and highly trained dermatologist is Dr. Charles C Kleinberg. Dr. Kleinberg specializes in dermatologic disorders, and diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, and nail problems. Dr. Kleinberg is a board-certified dermatologist who is accredited by the American Board of Dermatology. Dr. Kleinberg has been practicing dermatology for over 30 years. When patients come to our practice they are very happy to learn that their freckles can be easily treated and removed. While some people find freckles very charming, other patients cannot wait to get freckle removal in Forest Hills at our practice.

There are several ways that our dermatologists can proceed to remove freckles. Our dermatologist will want to review your particular skin situation and make recommendations based on this examination. Sometimes freckles are removed at our office using topical chemical peels. Other times our dermatologist will use liquid nitrogen, also known as cryosurgery, in order to remove freckles. In some cases, if a freckle looks suspicious, Dr. Kleinberg will advise that it is surgically removed and biopsied. Chemical peels are also used by our dermatologist to help reduce lines and wrinkles on the faces of some of our patients. Chemical peels can also be used to treat acne scars or darkening of the skin which can be caused by several different reasons, including by taking some medications. Our dermatologist will individually formulate his chemical peels to perfectly fit each patient’s skin type. This is very important as it will keep the skin from becoming irritated, but it will allow the chemical peel to be as effective as possible. Aside from freckle removal in Forest Hills, our dermatologist also performs a wide range of skin treatments including: treatment of acne and acne scarring, removal and biopsy of moles; treatment of psoriasis; treatment for rosacea; skin cancer screening and removal; treatments with Botox; treatments with Juvederm and Restylane; brown spot removal; chemical peels; and many other skin treatments. For an appointment to meet with our expert dermatologist, contact us today.

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