Hair Loss Treatment in Forest Hills

Hair loss  doctor in Forest Hills

Hair loss treatment in Forest Hills

Hair loss treatment in Forest Hills

If you are looking for an expert, highly trained dermatologist who can provide you with different types of hair and skin treatments, then you will want to come to our dermatological practice, Charles Kleinberg, MD. Our top-notch dermatologist, Dr. Charles C Kleinberg, can help you with dermatological disorders including complete diagnosis and effective treatment, including hair loss treatment in Forest Hills

Whether our patient is a man or woman, facing hair loss can be very difficult. Our dermatologist has over 30 years of experience helping patients in our community contend with hair loss and other dermatological issues. When a patient is experiencing hair loss, our dermatologist will assess their individual situation and determine the best ways to stimulate hair growth. Today there are many different topical solutions and pills that offer just a few of the ways that our doctor will help you to be able to grow hair again. When you need hair loss treatment in Forest Hills, you can do no better than to come in and see our dermatologist. Our dermatologist also offers diagnosis and treatment for many other dermatological problems. Our dermatologist will treat problems of the skin, hair, and nails. Our doctor also sees many patients who have problems with acne or acne scarring. Today acne scarring can be treated with chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion treatments, and fillers. If you have any moles which are changing in size or shape, you will want to have them seen by our doctor so he can see if there are any early signs of skin cancer. Our dermatologist will very carefully examine your moles to see if they need to be removed and biopsied. If you are suffering with psoriasis, we provide the latest biologic treatments. These treatments have allowed our patients to experience greater relief from psoriasis. There also now medications which will treat rosacea.

For an appointment to see our dermatologist regarding hair loss treatment in Forest Hills, or treatment of other dermatological problems contact us today.

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