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Are you looking to get more out of your skin care treatments, but with less damage and healing time? Finding the right balance of advanced care with gentle technique can be a very difficult line to walk for many of us, especially for those with fair skin who can become inflamed so easily, and are much more prone to dark marks and signs of aging. If you are truly looking for a way to effectively reverse these problems without medication or injections, it may be time to visit your local Middle Village dermatologist at the offices of Charles Kleinberg, MD to find out how fractional skin resurfacing can give you your best skin yet.

Laser fractional resurfacing is the most precise and gentle of this procedure currently in use today at your trusted Middle Village dermatologist. This method insures that treatment sights are always surrounded on all sides by untreated areas, which improves the ability of the laser to visibly improve your skin, while speeding up your healing time. Laser resurfacing is most effective on fair skin, and can be utilized in a wide variety of procedures, including but not limited to, increasing collagen to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, color defects such as liver spots, port-wine stains, and café-au-lait spots, acne scarring, birthmarks, unwanted hair, and even tattoos can all be effectively removed and treated as needed.

While some problems, such as tattoos, can require multiple treatments to properly remove, laser fractional surfacing is still a gentle, expedient, and effective process. Our doctors can use a local anesthetic that can block the tingling sensation many feel who have sensitive skin or require multiple procedures, as well as other varieties of medications to keep you comfortable and relaxed if you are nervous about your treatment. While treatment often requires multiple passes of the laser, each pass lasts less than a millisecond. Thicker skin often requires more passes and therefore more time for the procedure to be completed properly, while thinner skin such as that around the eyes requires far less work.

Laser fractional resurfacing is in fact so gentle and effective that it can even be used on infants to remove unwanted birthmarks or scars as soon as possible to stop any cosmetic problems before they can harm your child’s self-confidence later in life. Whether you are looking for an effective treatment that will truly work to grow more collagen for younger skin, have birthmarks that you are not pleased with, or an unwanted tattoo, you can find the care you need through laser fractional resurfacing right at your neighborhood Middle Village dermatologist. Our team at the offices of Charles Kleinberg, MD can answer all of your questions about laser fractional resurfacing to find out how this procedure can give you a younger more beautiful you.

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