Mole Removal Upper East Side

Mole Removal Upper East Side

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Mole Removal Surgery in Upper East Side

Human skin is a living organ and at given moment can contain a variety of spots, abnormalities and growths. Moles are one type of skin abnormality that is extremely common and are characterized by dark spots that are often raised. Moles are often difficult for the non-medical professional to distinguish from other marks on the skin such as birthmarks, keratoses and many other types of skin marks. The vast majority of skin moles are benign and not harmful in anyway to the patient except for being annoying and having a negative appearance. Despite this a lot of patients choose mole removal Upper East Side by Dr. Charles C. Kleinberg, MD.

There are many apparent causes of skin moles, some people are born with the moles while others appear later in life. Sunlight and UV rays appear to play a role in the development of moles in some people. Heredity also has a role in the development of moles especially those that are atypical (dysplastic), which can develop into melanoma (a dangerous form of skin cancer). Atypical moles require mole removal Upper East Side. There are several ways that our doctor can remove a mole. A common method is to shave the mole, our surgeon uses a scalpel to shave the move down to the top layer of the skin or slightly below it. The area will then be cauterized to stop any bleeding so no stitches are needed. Another method that is often used with larger moles, moles in cosmetically sensitive areas, or those suspected of being cancerous is to surgically remove them and a larger border around the mole and use small stitches to close the wound.

After mole removal Upper East Side tissue from the mole will usually be sent to a lab to make sure there is no melanoma or other types of cancer cells present. Our patients can generally return to their usual routines within a few hours or by the next day depending on the location and size of the area excised. If you have moles that are bothering you or look suspicious please make an appointment with our office.

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