Queens Wrinkle Treatment

Botox Injections in Queens NY

Queens wrinkle treatment

Queens wrinkle treatment

Is the face you see in the mirror hardly one which matches the youthful way you feel? For many of us, the signs of aging can occur far before we reach the age of 40. If you are tired of your over the counter beauty products failing to work for you, it may be time to seek profes-sional cosmetic help. Over the counter creams and gels will often fail to provide results due to the simple fact that the cause of fine lines is more than just skin deep. Fortunately, you can find the care you need for a beautiful complexion you will love to show off with Queens wrinkle treatment from the team you trust at the esteemed offices of Charles Kleinberg, MD.

Fine lines and wrinkles are often caused by far more than simple dry skin. While moisturizing is of course effective in keeping skin tight and healthy, often times the cause of your signs of aging have nothing to do with the health of the dermis. For those who are looking to put an end to these signs of aging once and for all, your experts in anti-aging are here to help with Queens Botox. Unlike dermal fillers, which only work to inject a gel substance that fills out the wrinkle or age lines, Botox works to actually train your face over time to stop wrinkles from ever returning. Age lines happen due to muscles contracting. Botox is not a filler, but a type of bacteria which is injected with into the muscle at the site of your crows feet, frown lines, and worry lines as well as other wrinkles to stop the muscle from contracting, and thus erasing the wrinkled entirely to give you younger looking skin. Patients should take care not to rub the affected area for the first two to three hours after the procedure, but once this time is up you may treat the region as you normally would. The full effects of Botox can take up to three to four days to go into effect. Unlike dermal fillers, Botox works to last longer over time, with repeat visits being needed only every six months for a twice yearly treatment that will give you younger looking skin.

For the very best in Queens wrinkle treatment, be sure to visit the experts at the state of the art practice of Charles Kleinberg, MD. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff strive to help our patients look and feel their best with cosmetic treatments for smiles and facial aging signs alike for patients of all ages and levels of need with the latest advances in cosmetic technolo-gy and procedure. With Botox treatments from Charles Kleinberg, MD, you can achieve the flawless complexion you deserve.

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