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Freckle removal in Forest Hills

Skin specialist Forest Hills
Skin specialist Forest Hills

Have you ever felt uncertain or uncomfortable about the way you look? Have you ever wished you could alter bits of your appearance to attain the look you’ve always wanted? If this describes you, then you may want to learn more about what our skin specialist in Forest Hills can do for you. Our board certified dermatologist, Charles Kleinberg, MD, has been practicing dermatology for over 30 years here at our Manhattan office at 1000 Park Avenue. Among the many services Dr. Kleinberg can provide are services such as scrapings, biopsies, administering B12 injections, mole removal, and even freckle removal.

Everyone looks different, and it is part of what makes us so unique. The way you look can sometimes be altered with makeup or other methods of care, but when it comes to issues that bother you on a regular or constant basis, you may be tempted to find a more permanent method of treatment. Here at the offices of our skin specialist in Forest Hills, Charles Kleinberg, MD, you can benefit from a number of cosmetic procedures that can improve the quality and appearance of your skin. As soon as you come in for your first consultation, Dr. Kleinberg will sit down with you and discuss the issues at hand. He will examine whatever is affecting you and will discuss options for treatment. For cosmetic concerns such as freckle removal, freckles can be removed with topical chemical peels or by liquid nitrogen. The course of treatment may depend on your skin type, the amount of and darkness of freckles that you have, as well as your own personal preferences. In some cases, Dr. Kleinberg may advise surgical removal and biopsy in order to achieve optimal results.

If you are concerned about the appearance of freckles or other issues such as wrinkles, spots, and more, consider visiting our skin specialist in Forest Hills. Charles Kleinberg, MD will work with you one on one to find the perfect treatment.

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