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Hair loss treatments in Upper East Side

Upper East Side dermatology office
Upper East Side dermatology office

Hair loss used to be something for which there were no organic solutions. Sure, you could wear a wig, or get a hair weave, but if you wanted to prevent the loss of your real, actual hair, you had no options. Here at the Upper East Side dermatology office of Charles Kleinberg, MD, though, you can now take advantage of safe and effective treatments to grow back the hair you lost.

Unfortunately, women now suffer from hair loss a lot more than they used to. Around 25% or more have to deal with it as a result of genetics. In fact, as many as half of all women will face thinning hair by the time they reach middle age. The number for men are even more disturbing. Close to two thirds of them will face hair loss to some degree or other. And it’s because of this that we’re so pleased to help everyone, male and female, here at our Upper East Side dermatology office. Turn to us, as your specialists. What you need is professional care with proven methods. Don’t fall for questionable treatments that you can buy over the internet for from fly-by-night sources. Those options can put your health at risk, and at minimum will cause you to spend money without having anything to show for it. We hate to see that happen to you. Instead, we have both topical treatments, as well as pills that you can take, in order to promote the regrowth of hair. Having a full head of hair is so closely linked to your self-esteem and confidence. Don’t settle for hats, creative combing and brushing, or potentially dangerous scams.

Please contact us today and book an appointment to come in for a consultation at our Upper East Side dermatology office to find out if you’re a good candidate for our hair loss treatments.

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