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Upper East Side Skin Cancer Screening

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Skin Cancer Screenings in Upper East Side

Upper East Side Skin Cancer Screening
Upper East Side Skin Cancer Screening

Nowadays, there is a much greater focus on the dangers of skin cancer, and the benefits of early detection and treatment in promoting the best possible outcomes. Here at the office of Charles Kleinberg, MD, we applaud this new understanding because skin cancer rates have continued to increase, and we know exactly how important it is to keep your skin safe and healthy, and to address problems promptly when they do occur. It’s a big reason why we’re so pleased to offer our Upper East Side skin cancer screening.

Although it’s not something that stays foremost in most people’s mind, it is vital to remember that your skin is an organ. Just because it’s on the outside of your body, and not the inside like your liver or your kidneys does not make it any less crucial to look after its well-being. Our Upper East Side skin screening is essential, but you should not rely only upon it. Instead, take measures in your daily life to keep your skin protected. Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days because you might not be able to see the sun or even feel it, but your skin is still susceptible. Cover key areas like your head, even if you have a full head of hair, but especially if you’re balding or you have a shaved head. Avoid too much sun, particularly during the part of the day when it is the strongest. That along with an annual visit to our dermatology office for a full body screening forms a solid and dependable strategy for keeping your skin as safe as it can be. And do be aware that if any form of skin cancer is diagnosed, there are effective therapies for dealing with it.

Don’t let it slip your mind. Schedule our Upper East Side skin screening by calling our office now.

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